Flow-Through MAGNASAT On-Line Magnetic Susceptibility System

MAGNASAT has been adapted for the on-line measurement process material properties in the mineral sands industry. The system uses a measurement of magnetic susceptibility to provide the magnetic properties of the materials which has been found to be very useful in process control functions. The system is supplied as an integral unit comprising; field measurement coil, reference coil and electronic data processing equipment. The system is designed to operate continuously without operator intervention. The main components supplied are:

  • hopper to deliver mineral to the measurement zone
  • send/receive inductance coil
  • electronic measurement systems to convert the changes in coil inductance to units of magnetic susceptibilities
  • computer and data logging system to allow sample acquisition
  • proprietary software to calculate the mean and standard deviation of the magnetic susceptibility of the recorded data and then determine the mass distribution of the materials magnetic susceptbility.


The system is applicable to both magnetic and non-magnetic fractions of the plant and can be used for process control functions such as tuning the magnetic circuit.

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